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Southern States Folk Music - Blues Music

Lorraine Lowe (Dvora Davis), Adam Sikora and Simon Dahl have joined creative forces to bring this music to life.
Why Southern States Music....Some of the popular folk blues songs heard today, in a very different form, comes from black people deep in the southern states sometimes forgotten and unrecognised. Songs such as 'Black Betty', 'Trouble So Hard' and traditional songs such as the very powerful slave song 'No More Cotton' .....
Adam Sikora , Simon Dahl and Lorraine Lowe (Dvora Davis) have stepped back in time to master this and recreate it keeping its authenticity.
Lorraine Lowe (Dvora Davis) has been a channel ...writing some wonderful original compositions such as 'Everythings Changed' the title of their Album, Gypsy Life, Jobcenter Blues and Red Dress - which has taken on a very folk sound combining the violin with guitar.

This is Beautiful Hypnotic and sometimes Shamanic music.

Highly creative deep and rhythmic, guitars, harmonicas, vocals and melodies. They are often combined with Violins Tambourines spoons....and a new addition to the instrument repertoire, A Cigar Box Guitar.

On occasions Black Kat and Kittens invite guests to perform on a more electric folk blues basis....Che Carlito - A Bass Player but not an ordinary bass - A One String Bass. A Fantastic musician and instrument and then there is Di Carlo - A drummer who brings a very warm diverse and more punky feel to the music.




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